GSV motion sensors utilizes biaxial inclinometers and sophisticated six degree of freedom (6DoF) motion sensors in its implementations, depending on client requirements. In addition to pitch and roll, the 6DoF sensor provides, yaw, heave, surge, sway, and acceleration in the X, Y, and Z planes.  

Sensors, aptly named, detect and respond to signals such as movement, light, and temperature. Using motion sensors, such as those used in security lights and room occupancy sensors, can help you create a safer, more energy efficient environment for both your home and business.

Mounted on ceilings or walls like light switches, occupancy sensors use a motion sensor to detect when a room is occupied, turning off lights in unoccupied spaces after a set period of inactivity. There are many different types of occupancy sensors. Some adjust lighting based on the amount of daylight available. Others are made specifically for bathrooms, stairways, and halls.

Security lights are typically located by the front door of your home and are turned on by a motion sensor, though they are most effective when installed over all exits and entrances to your home or business.